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“Sarnena gora”
Cup 2015

(55th competition for “Sarnena gora” Cup)stara-zagora1



SKO “Sarnena gora A2” Stara Zagora, TD “Sarnena gora” Stara Zagora


Milen Milanov

Form of competition 

3-day individual competition with team standings for “Sarnena gora”CUP

.Event centre (EC)

TD “Sarnena gora”, 62 “Tzar Simeon Veliki”, blvd., Stara Zagora 6003

42°25’22.28″ N  25°37’09.98″ E

Programme Time Venues Distances from the Event Centre
25.09.2015Friday 15:00 Borilovo, Stara Zagora 16 km Opening the start centre
17:00 Borilovo, centre Start Sprint
18:30 Prize giving ceremony
26.09.2015Saturday 10:00 Dabrava, Stara Zagora 5 km Opening the start centre
11:00 Start Classic distance
15:00 Prize giving ceremony
27.09.2015Sunday 10:00 Bogomilovo, Stara Zagora 9 km Opening the start centre
10:30 Start middle distance
13:00 Prize giving ceremonyand closing the competition


Organizing committee 

Event director Milen Milanov
Technical director Matej Yordanov
Secretary Desislava Maneva
course setter controller mapmaker
1. day  Mihail Chernogorov  Matej Yordanov Mihail Chernogorov
2. day  Matej Yordanov  Milen Milanov Mihail Chernogorov
3. day Milen Milanov Matej Yordanov Mihail Chernogorov, Milen Milanov


Tracian valey are situated between Sredna gora mountain on north and Rodopi mountain and Strandja mountain on south. The terrain is mostly flat to hilly with clear terrain forms, many roads and paths. There are not many water objects like lakes, rivers etc.


The altitude varies between 200m to 700m.

Vegetation is mainly mixed forests, open areas and some undergrowths. Runnability and visibility is mostly very good, but reduced in some places with denser vegetation.

More details and map simples you can find in bulletin 1 on 01.09.2015y.

Old maps you can see in Gallery section.


First day:  Scale 1:4000/ H: 5m

Second day:  Scale 1:10000/ H: 5m;  Scale 1:7500/ H: 5m

Third day:  Scale 1:7500/ H: 5m


  • Women: 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 21, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55+
  • Men: 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 21, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70+
  • Open short, Open long.
  • M/W10: special string courses, without map.


 SPORTident electronic punching system will be used. You can rent SI card from the organizers – 1 EUR per start. The teams will be charged 40EUR for lost SI card.

Entry fee and entries:

  • 15 EUR per competitor for all races.
  • M/W 14 and M/W 16   – 12EUR per competitor for all races.
  • M/W10 and M/W12 are fee free.

Final entry deadline is 21th September 2015 on


Cash at the registration.

1 Euro = 1.96 BGN


There are many hotels in town, and near are two spa centers with mineral water, /Starozagorski bani and Yagoda/.


Free parking is possible at the finish areas.


First three of each day in each category receives medals. Of the three days the team will determine the winners Cup “Sarnena gora” – first, second and third place. The ranking will be done on a points system: Finally one point, Penultimate – 2 points. etc. to first place. All competitors in M/W10 will be rewarded with prizes.

Cultural and leisure time activities

Stara Zagora region has been populated for eight thousand-years. The favourable geographic and climatic conditions of the territory around Stara Zagora contributed to the establishment of several prehistoric settlements in the remote past.

More than 100 prehistoric mounds from the 6th to 3rd millennium BC were found in the vicinity of Stara Zagora. A prehistoric settlement can be found within the city itself. Two dwellings from the New Stone Age, the best preserved dwellings from that time (6th millennium BC) in Europe are exhibited in the Neolithic Dwellings Museum, it also  contains a rich collection of tools and artefacts. The oldest copper mines in Europe (5th millennium BC) were found 8 km from the city, A considerable amount of copper ore was extracted from the 11 mines by the ancient inhabitants of this land who traded with it throughout the continent.

Located at the cross-roads of multiple civilizations, Stara Zagora is an important piece in the European cultural routes mosaic. Inhabited by Thracians, ancient Greeks, Romans, Slavs, Ottomans and Bulgarians, this unique city bears the historical imprint of those past civilizations along with many of their historical treasures.

The mineral water springs are situated in and around the Stara Zagora Mineral Spa. The water springs from a depth of 1600 meters. The temperature on the surface is 40° C (c. 110°F).

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